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Posted by M D Pryke Notary Public on Saturday, August 31, 2019

Hi there. It’s Matthew Pryke, Notary Public in London. This is another little video guide I wanted to produce to provide information to allow you to get documents Notarised and Legalised easily and quickly. The question I get asked all the time in the office and that is “Can I get a document notarized and legalised on the same day?” Often when people say Legalisation they need an Apostille issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Look, when we received documents through from people that often is a real deadline to get things done. Crucially, not only is there a deadline, but people want to deal with things quickly and easily so they can get whatever they’re doing completed quickly. I know when I buy a house, I want to get things as done as quickly as possible. Certainly once you’ve got that excitement you might have the house, you don’t want that to be delayed by lawyers, estate agents or anybody else. If that’s a property overseas, this might be the dream for somebody.

So I’m really keen to be able to get that done in the same day. The quick answer to the question is absolutely, you can get the document dealt within the same day. You should be able to get Notaries who are used to dealing with things efficiently and quickly. So what can you do to help with that process thing is making sure you provide a copy of it, the documents you’ve been supplied with that need to be notarized to the notary. Once they have the document, they can then provide clear guidance and information about whether the document needs to be legalised, whether there are particular costs involved, whether they need additional information. But as soon as you’ve supplied that copy of the document and any other details that the lawyer overseas has given you, you should then be able to get quickly to understand what’s the cost, what’s the time scale, and how quickly can the UK Notary Public assist you. So if you do need things dealt with on the same day, I don’t think it’s a lost cause. Search for a London Notary who is used to dealing with things on a shortened basis. There’s plenty of us out there. Thanks again for watching and please do get in touch if you need any info.

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