Here’s A Quick Way To Avoid Spending Money For Deed Poll

Hi there. I’m Matthew Pryke Notary Public and solicitor based in London. Thanks for all the Notary questions and queries you’re sending in. We love dealing with them. Anything we can do to make the process of notarising documents more straight forward. We’re super excited about helping you with. So somebody has asked me a question about Deed Polls. This certainly seems to be an area where there seems to be quite a lot of confusion. Now, what is ...

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Change Your Name By Deed Poll

In recent months we have received an increasing number of individuals contacting the website who want to change their name. There are a number of guides to changing your name and how to execute and use a Deed Poll already on the site. However we have produced a quick summary guide in response to the many recent Deed Poll enquiries.

The first point to make is you don’t have to follow a legal procedure if you want to adopt a new name. Whilst this is ...

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Kate Winslet marries Deed Poll “Rocknroll” Man

Who Is Winslet's New Husband Ned Rocknroll?

In has been confirmed that Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet has married again. Rather than this news being greeted as a cause for celebration it is the name of her new husband that has become the biggest talking point!  

The 37-year-old, married Ned Rocknroll, a nephew of music and aviation tycoon Richard Branson. According to online reports, Rocknroll had his name changed by deed poll from ...

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Notary Public London: Free Deed Poll Download

Free deed poll name change is a term commonly typed into Internet search engines. Sadly however, many sites that profess to offer a free Deed Poll download subsequently charge for the service once you examine the small print on their websites.

At MD Pryke Notary Public LLP members of the public often contact us to enquire whether our free deed poll service is genuinely available at no charge and whether they have to be ...

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Notary Public London Guide: Mobile Notaries Public

Notary Public London Guides usually focus on complex topics such as: power of attorney, the legalisation process, apostilles, or changing a name by Deed Poll.  Our aim is to break down a complex process or piece of legislation into easily understood sections, providing our readers with a broad overview upon which to make an informed decision.

MD Pryke Notary Public was ...

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London Notary firm celebrates 1000th new client

Notary Public in London business, MD Pryke Notary Public, is proud to announce that this week they received their 1000th new client.  Notary practice director Matthew Pryke was delighted at passing such a significant milestone.

‘London presents a very competitive market in which to operate a Notary Public service’, says Matthew.  ‘It is vital that as a business focused Notary practice based in central London, we match the pace and intensity of the corporate clients we serve.

‘Of ...

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Notary Public London Guide: X Factor Deed Poll

The Notary Public London Guide has previously mentioned the Deed Poll name change controversy on the ITV show, X Factor, when Simon Cowell refused to call a contestant by the name ‘Storm’.

We pointed out that not only is a name change by Deed Poll completely legal, and that Simon Cowell was incorrect to refuse to call the singer by his new name, but also what an easy process changing a name could ...

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Free Deed Poll Download FAQs

Ever since we launched our free Deed Poll download, MD Pryke Notary Public has received a substantial number of enquiries regarding how to use a Deed Poll document to obtain further documentation.  We have used these Deed Poll queries as the basis for these Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use my Free Deed Poll download to apply for a new Passport?

Simply enclose your Deed Poll certificate with the Passport application.  If you feel that ...

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Changing name by Deed Poll

A Deed Poll is a document used for legally changing name.  Whatever the reason for a name change (changing a surname after divorce for example, or changing a first name) it can be completed free of charge by using an MD Pryke Notary Public LLP Deed Poll form as laid out below.

A Deed Poll is a term with which most people are familiar.  If they are intent on a new name people believe they must visit a Solicitor or a ...

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