Free Quote for notarised and legalised documents within 24 hours

Hi there. It’s Matthew Pryke, Notary Public in London. This is another little video guide I wanted to produce to provide information to allow you to get documents Notarised and Legalised easily and quickly. The question I get asked all the time in the office and that is “Can I get a document notarized and legalised on the same day?” Often when people say Legalisation they need an Apostille issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Look, when we received ...

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Becoming a Notary Public – What was I thinking!?!

Become a Notary Public, why on earth would you do this? Imagine taking such an odd decision!

* Studying for 2 years at Cambridge University on an expensive course.
* Studying 3 master modules with exams.
* Then further supervision for a further 2 years.
* Then spend hours continuing to train as a Notary to keep up to date with Notary professional development.

So WHY would I choose to do this?

The truth is, people and businesses need ...

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Notary Public shows support for London Sky Ride 2011

With less than a week to go until London’s Sky Ride members of our notary office are busy preparing to take part in this wonderful celebrations in London’s calendar.

The London Sky Ride is a fantastic day where members of the public can cycle through a “traffic fee” London.  People wanting to take part in the ride can still register by going to The Skyride is on ...

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Notary Public London – Guide to becoming a Notary Public – Part one

As a Notary Public in London I am often asked how someone may qualify as  a Notary.  I hope this brief article will shed some light on the process.

There are slightly in excess of 900 Notaries Public in England and Wales, and approximately 30 who are a Notary Public in London.

The overwhelming majority of Notaries Public are qualified solicitors or legal practitioners.  A Notary Public in London, or elsewhere in England and Wales for that ...

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Changing name by Deed Poll

A Deed Poll is a document used for legally changing name.  Whatever the reason for a name change (changing a surname after divorce for example, or changing a first name) it can be completed free of charge by using an MD Pryke Notary Public LLP Deed Poll form as laid out below.

A Deed Poll is a term with which most people are familiar.  If they are intent on a new name people believe they must visit a Solicitor or a ...

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UK Notary Stamps

Notaries Public practising in the UK are obliged to use a Notary stamp to authenticate documents.  UK Notaries Public must use a steel Notary stamp that is unique to their Notarial Practice, unlike their US counterparts who use a rubber Notary Stamp, similar to those used by Banks and Building Societies.

At MD Pryke Notary Public we use a steel Notary stamp as pictured below

Which creates a Notary stamp imprint as follows

For more information on UK Notary stamps, please ...

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